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Capital Cabinet & Closet Solutions in VA,MD & DC

Adore the beauty of your living corner with best custom closet in VA,MD & DC

Entertainment Center Design | Made in Virginia USA

A house is made of the wall but home is made with love. We are here to help you make your house into a lovely home. With the best resources for Entertainment Center in VA,MD & DC, we support you to renovate your space in such a way that it portrays the REAL YOU.

VA,MD & DC's dense suburban feel makes you fortunate enough to live your life to the fullest. You can enhance it by significantly adding value to your home.

If you are like most people, the area where your television resides is a tangle of wires from DVD players, gaming systems, and other devices. These wires create an eyesore. It can be hard to figure out where to put all of these items and still keep the area looking nice and tidy. You need an entertainment center design that hides all the clutter. Our experienced team can create a custom solution that is not only functional but stylish as well.

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Capital Cabinet & Closet Colors

Entertainment Center 8 Diffrent Styles & 60 Different Colors

Perhaps the most important but difficult choice is choosing a closet color. Not to worry. Capital Cabinet&Closet offers more than 60 different colors for you to choose from.

How we work



Complimentary Consultation

We start each project with either a virtual or in-home design consultation. Schedule Now


Virtual Model

We will create a virtual 3D design model of your custom closet or storage system. View Render Videos


In-house Fabrication

We custom craft your designs right here in the US. We use the finest materials available and guarantee each design with a Lifetime Warranty.


Installation/Finishing Touches

Your custom-crafted closet or storage system will be installed in your home by our expert installers.



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Manufactured in USA


Capital Cabinet & Closet Solutions - The Importance of Quality

Deciding to upgrade your home is a big decision and once you make that decision, you want to ensure that the job is done right and the improvements last for a long time. That is why one word stands out when choosing a company to help you make upgrades to your home. That word is quality.

Quality means using the best materials and completing the project with professional craftsmanship. It is about pride in the work and standing behind the job once it is done, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all our projects. Quality is something that you can always see in the final product and other people can as well. When you invest in quality, it is always worth it.

This is why quality is the top concern for Capital Cabinet & Closet Solutions. When you decide to upgrade your closets, cabinets, or create any storage system in your home, you can be sure that we will provide the quality you are looking for. We do this so you can be confident that once you make this investment in your home, you will get a job will get done right, the first time, and last for a good, long time. Here is how we guarantee the quality of our work

Material Quality

We custom make all our custom cabinets and closets right here in the USA. We think that this is important because of the control this gives us over the final product. Producing the designs this way means we can ensure the use of the highest quality materials available and then use those materials to create custom storage solutions to fit your needs. The upgrades you do to your home are only as good as the materials you use and the truth is, you just can’t get that level of quality when you rely on another company halfway around the world to create the materials.

Craftsmanship Quality

Using the best materials is just one piece of the quality equation. If you don’t go the extra mile and ensure that those materials are put together and installed in a high-quality fashion, it doesn’t matter how good the materials are. That is why we are one of the few companies that fabricate your storage solution in your home. Every project is unique and if your cabinets or closet modules show up already put together, you are getting a one-size-fits-all solution. Our fabrication professionals will be onsite to ensure that our quality standards, which are the highest in the industry, are met and exceeded on every project

Manufactured in USA

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We have an expert team of designers.

Who are all exceptional at their chosen craft.

At Capital Cabinets & Closets, we've built a reputation as an industry leader in full-service space management for discerning homeowners. We have an expert team of designers, builders, and installers who are all exceptional at their chosen craft.

Their workmanship is second to none. We make sure to take the time to focus on all the details that go into creating closets and storage systems so that they look beautiful, function perfectly, and last a lifetime.

From the beginning, our focus has been to provide exceptional customer service from the moment you first call us to when we install the last shelf in your custom closet.

We promise to take the time to listen to your needs and wants, learn about how you use your living space, and discuss design options that can make your new custom closet truly yours. We have helped countless clients achieve their storage and organizational dreams. Contact us today and let us help you achieve yours!

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